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You can subscribe as a single user or as an entire agency or sections of agencies. An agency/GROUP is defined as few as 5 individuals and as many as 5,000 sworn and non-sworn personnel. Once subscribed, all subscriptions are valid for a one year period from the sign-up date with no cancellations. However, agencies are permitted to reuse "subscription slots" if there are personnel changes during the year requiring a new employee to take advantage of an existing subscription for the remainder of the subscription period. Agency subscriptions are updated or tracked on a regular basis for accuracy. NOTE: An agency must appoint an agency administrator to manage subscriptions internally with their department.

Please note: Remember, as with any software product individuals and agencies (and their personnel) must agree to the various agreements which are provided prior to signing up and other courseware disclaimers. Also, for single individuals not signing up with their agencies must provide proof that they are either law enforcement and/or public-safety officials and employed as such by returning a Validation Form.

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