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Avoiding Ethnic and Sexual Harassment

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Expert

Mary Claire McNaught
Mary Claire McNaught
Ms McNaught is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Suffolk University Law School. She has been a licensed to practice law in North Carolina and Federal Courts since 1976. She is also a Certified Mediator.

She was the Public Safety Attorney in Winston-Salem for over twenty years. She served as President of the North Carolina Police Attorneys and the Legal Officers Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Ms McNaught was a member of the Technology Assessment Program Information Center of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in coordination with the National Institute of Justice.

McNaught participated in the International Association of Chiefs of Police Model Statute Project. She has published articles in the FBI Bulletin, Law and Order magazine and the Police Chief magazine. Ms McNaught is an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia teaching Employment Law for law enforcement officers and at the University of Connecticut where she teaches an on line class in the Fourth Amendment to undergraduates. She has made presentations to the International Association of Chiefs of Police annually for over thirty years.

In addition she has addressed the North Carolina Chiefs of Police, the North Carolina Police Executives Association, the North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Association of Women in Policing, Wyoming Law Enforcement Training Academy, Connecticut Chiefs of Police, Florida Association of Police Attorneys, and numerous other organizations of law enforcement professionals.

Ms McNaught specializes in employment law for police managers, ethics for government lawyers, critical incident legal issues and legal issues in the use of force.
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