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Working in close collaboration with its law enforcement and public safety partners, national and local subject matter experts, state POSTS and training officials, the company strives to deliver the best quality self-paced distance learning training all at one low price. For only $74.95 per user per year, a subscriber can access any and all courses regardless of the number of courses available during their year of subscription. Courses will provide assessments and automatic updates to superiors and training directors.

PoliceCommunity.Net has a world class Learning Management System to manage and control the use of all distance learning courses as part of your annual subscription at no extra charge. This LMS can provide automated tracking of each student's curriculum and provide regular updates to law enforcement agencies.

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Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Now, at cost effective prices law enforcement and public safety officials can access those necessary In-Service training courses to improve or refresh their skills starting with the initial courses provided by clicking on the sign-up button to your left or first visit our demo page where you can view the course syllabus and hear the SME's overview.
Future Courses
The company will provide a minimum of at least 3 new courses every 3-4 months that will be available to all subscribers at no additional charge. As the project evolves, your investment goes up and the net cost per course goes down dramatically! You pay one price for all.
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